Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Less chaste kisses?

We talked for over 2 hours this evening. I was thinking it would be 15 or 20 minutes tops but it just went on and on foreverandever.

I'm seeing him tomorrow but we don't have actual plans. Probably dinner and copious quantities of alcohol. He asked me, "what if I hadn't asked if I could kiss you in the elevator?" I'm not sure where that conversation was going but somehow I ended up saying, "next time I'll say no". And he said, "next time I won't ask".

Ho hum...


Asshat said...

Does he have some sort of problem with sex? What's the "bad in bed" rumor all about, exactly? Is his method of foreplay to bore women to sleep?

Oh well. I'm sure you'll get to the bottom of this. Have a great Christmas.

Ms Behaviour said...

Cheeky, Asshat!