Sunday, December 20, 2009

Date number 3...

...lasted 7 hours. 7! And there was no hanky panky! Well, there was a very chaste, politely requested, elevator kiss. But that was it. I know, crazy right?

We went for brunch and then went to a movie and then he came over and we watched one and half episodes of Mad Men and that somehow lasted from 12.30 pm to 7.30 pm. I'm shaking my head right now.

It's weird to spend that long being polite to someone new but, for the most part, it was comfortable. He smells nice (bonus!) and is soft-spoken and well-dressed and rather sweet. I don't know what to do with him! Ha.

Seriously though, we probably spent a couple of hours at brunch just people-watching and chatting. Then we killed some time before the movie. Actually, we probably sat for an hour drinking a bottle of wine (woo hoo Varsity's new VIP movie area rocks!) and talking about random crap. We watched Up in the Air which was very good but also very unexpected. And then he basically invited himself over to watch Mad Men (his DVDs so it was okay really) and then planted himself in my IKEA chair so that I could have the couch and the blanket.

He acknowledged in his post-date email that we could have shared the couch and I suggested that he be *slightly* less polite in future; perhaps take a lesson or two from Mad Men ;)


Anonymous said...

Sounds amazing! Per your earlier post about him not being great in bed, he might need a little encouragement with the couch :)

Never said...

If this boy doesn't kiss you one of these days, then you're not really dating. You're hanging out.

Ain't it good to have a good time, even so?


Anonymous said...

Sorry. Logged in incorrectly. "Itneverrainsinseattle." Not "Never."

Now, am I going to have to read the back story on this guy to find out why you shouldn't be spending time with him?