Sunday, November 4, 2007

Yesterday was my 30th birthday

This should be an important and meaningful post but it won't be. I'm tired which is great for a Sunday night. So I'm going to take advantage and go to bed soon.

I turned 30 yesterday. I'm pretty excited to be 30-something. I've been saying for years "I'd rather be old and wise than young and stupid". I think I've been ready for my thirties for a few years now. I wonder if my early 30s will be remarkably different from my late 30s in terms of perspective and how I see the world. I hope so. I hope I can finally learn to be happy. Beyond that, I have goals but nothing specific in terms of personal development or emotional growth. It's probably best to approach this decade open-minded. The 20s were good - I did things I never imagined I was capable of doing - and I hope the 30s will be great.

Onto more immediate thoughts. I spent the weekend with the mysterious guy. I am going to start thinking of a name for this blog. On Friday night, I had sushi with my closest friends in Toronto which was nice. A small manageable group after all of the planning. Saturday morning, I got a french manicure. I feel like such a girl. Then pizza lunch with X which was nice, if brief. Many phone calls and emails and facebook birthday wishes which was overwhelming and wonderful. Finally, the mysterious guy cooked me dinner and we watched License to Wed which was surprisingly funny. Today we went to the Royal Winter Fair and watched Evan Almighty and lots of TV. It was a really great weekend.

He was nice to me and was clearly keeping the sarcasm in check which was refreshing. We didn't talk about anything and, to be honest, I don't particularly feel like having that conversation just yet. Bedtime.

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