Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tired puppy

I am one tired puppy! The dog seems pretty tired too. I took him to the off-leash area in Allen Gardens today because he clearly did not get enough exercise yesterday and it's fenced so I felt more comfortable

pee break

Okay the puppy didn't really want to pee. He was just asking for some attention. I get that.

Anyway, I felt more comfortable in the fenced off-leash area at Allen Gardens compared to the off-leash area in his usual park. He got to run around and play with other dogs. I was hoping he would be more tired than he currently is but maybe he's just naturally spazzy. I'm exhausted and would love to go to bed now but I need to let him out again tonight so that I can hopefully sleep in a bit longer tomorrow morning. I think I woke up at 5 am and couldn't go back to sleep.

It was a long and somewhat ridiculous day. D for Disaster coworker guy sent me a kind of douche bag email last Friday. The subject line was "not for internal affairs..." and his email said "are you doing tonight? if you are not interested in going on a date..then maybe we could pivot for each other – divide and conquer."

I want to be friends, or at least have a good relationship, with this guy because we have to work together so closely but he is making it difficult to be professional around him. If I am being honest with myself, I do miss hanging out with him and talking to him a little bit. Anyway, I extended an olive branch and invited him out to walk the dog. He suggested dinner but I ignored that part of his email. Anyway, we texted back and forth a bit and he said he was working late but would come to the park when he was done but I didn't hear from him. So I texted him at 8 pm and said that we were back home and maybe some other night. He was still at work and ended up calling me and we had a conversation about his original douchebag text message.

He apologized for not saying those things to me in person, or at least over the phone and said that he still has mixed feelings towards me. That sometimes he misses me but he doesn't want me to have to deal with those feelings. I told him that, as far as I am concerned, he made his decision and there's nothing further to discuss because I don't want to spend time with someone if he knows it isn't going anywhere. Let's face it, I don't need another Grey in my life. But I said that I would like for us to be friends and that I would be with the dog all week so we could get together some other evening after work. We'll see what happens.

The dog is lying on the couch and looks like he is passed out. It's about time!


Asshat said...

Have you given any thought to trading in both of those guys for, say, a golden retriever? While a dog may not fill your bill in all respects, you'd be treated better and get more consistent unconditional positive regard.

Ms Behaviour said...

Asshat, I was wondering where you had disappeared to. Not a golden because I can't deal with the shedding. Charlie is a wheaten terrier and the runt of the litter so he's a good size and my allergies don't bother me too much. He's a huge ball of energy though. I definitely won't get a dog while I'm single. It's too big a commitment and I get anxious thinking about leaving him at home for 10 or 12 hours every day. I do enjoy visiting though. Maybe I could come visit your golden next time I get lonely?

Asshat said...

Sure, but there might be a lot of licking.

Ms Behaviour said...

Lotsalicking sounds good to me! :p

geekhiker said...

I know the dog I want, but I sorta share your fear of having one whilst single. Although, as my single-ness seems to be more-or-less permanent, my position on that is changing...