Friday, July 10, 2009

My first husband

I left the dog with the other wheatens today and went with my friend to have dinner with her brother and his girlfriend at Fionn McCool's on the Esplanade. While there, my friend struck up a conversation with an Irish man at the next table. At the end of the night, just as we were leaving to get the dogs, he announced to his table of friends that I was his second wife. I just didn't know it yet. It was funny. He is a 54 year old detective in the "interesting" and busiest part of Toronto. I have nothing in common with him. In fact, my friend and he had much more in common: a love of Irish history, music and trivia. But it was nice to have an older man tell me that I am lovely :)


emily said...

It's always nice hearing that. I love it. A 16 year old told me i was better looking than my boyfriend and that i deserved better. He's got a fantastic sense of humor, but it made my day. Sometimes things like that just push you forward...can you hear the indy cars from your place?

Ms Behaviour said...

Yes we can! Yesterday we both fell asleep on the couch, feet in the air, heads hanging over the edge. The cars woke us up and the dog started licking my fingers. It was heaven :)

Anonymous said...

Heh - Any time an "older man" finds someone younger "lovely" here in LA, the reaction I usually hear is "ew, creepy"! LOL