Monday, March 8, 2010

Still unemployed and homeless

Not that I was expecting anything to change over the weekend, but I'm still in my pjs at 11 am, sitting on MFV's couch not earning my keep. We're having lunch at noon (although I'm not sure how that will work since it's No Talking Mondays) which will likely be the highlight of my day. On Friday afternoon, I went to the office to talk to my group manager and they're thinking about putting me on the payroll temporarily starting next week. Apparently I am just not able to take time off like a normal person. I was inventing lists of things to do for myself last week. Today, (un)fortunately, I forgot to the sign back a page of the eleventy page background check form so I have to print, sign and courier it back to them this afternoon. Also, I got a call from the people who are organizing the Paralympic games yesterday and they are looking for volunteers so I'm hoping to get involved with that for a few days next week. Okay, I better put on my big girl pants so that I can at least have a productive afternoon.


Asshat said...

Is somebody at loose ends and perhaps starting to miss the pace of life in the big city?

I would vote for No Talking Mondays. Perhaps sometimes No Talking Weeks should be intercalated.

Ms Behaviour said...

It's not so much the pace that I miss as the options. And, of course, I miss my apartment. But I'm starting to be comfortable here, finally. MFV and I actually did not talk when we went to lunch! It was kinda funny. We just sat and waited for our food and watched the other people around us and then we ate in silence. I mean, we talked a little bit but nowhere near the kind of crap that we usually talk about. Dinner was much like that too :) We ate tacos and watched tv. I'm starting to be very comfortable here.