Friday, October 9, 2009

Long weekends are lame

While work was a bitch this week, and I was looking forward to not being at the office for 3 days, now that the long weekend is here, I'm not happy about it. I hate long weekends. Everyone doing family stuff, eating yummy things and whatever other things families do together. Not that I want to be with mine at all. I mean, that would just make us all miserable. But I still feel lonely.

I get anxious having such a long expanse of time with so little to fill it in. I'm inventing things to do, none of which are bad and all of which I would normally want to do on a weekend. Like read the paper and watch tv and buy groceries and go to the gym. But the thought of forcing myself to stay busy while everyone else gets to relax fills me with dread. It's a good thing I brought work home.

And speaking of work, I'm inching ever closer to Vancouver. I heard today that there is stiff competition for job 1. And the person who is leaving job 2 hasn't even phoned to talk to me about whether I would be interested, even though that's what she told Douchebag she was going to do. Vancouver is not a bad opportunity. It's a big raise to go with a shiny new promotion. I love the city and it's feeling less and less like a backup plan every day. I am going to give myself until the end of the month to decide.

There are four things that worry me:

1. returning to a completely dysfunctional group, although the current state of dramarama is rapidly pushing me out the door;
2. losing my huge - if somewhat unsatisfying - social circle;
3. leaving my hairdresser;
4. not having a family doctor.

It is notoriously hard to get a family doctor. For almost 4 years, I went to the walk-in clinic. Ugh, bad.

I'm really going to bed early tonight. Hopefully nobody phones me after I fall asleep.


SaneAndSingle said...

So, I think you may be my cosmic twin sister! I feel dread during long holiday weekends myself. My family is so dysfunctional, I came early from a funeral yesterday! Most of my friends are married and do family things on weekends, and I'm left to keep myself busy.

Ms Behaviour said...

Yeah, tell me about it. In order to keep myself from becoming completely miserable this weekend, I shopped (two pairs of pants but no shoes - boo!), bought groceries (haven't done that in a while), baked brownies, watched a crapload of tv and now I'm going to watch I Love You, Man. If only there were other single people without local family in my life.

SaneAndSingle said...

Yeah, the few single friends I have here are natives to the area, so they tend stay busy with family too. Sigh...I'm thinking of relocation in a couple years. But I guess it would just be the same, huh?