Sunday, April 11, 2010

Back to life, back to reality...

I know I haven't posted in a while. I sorry. The last week has been busy and stressful and lonely and good. I know I sound manic. I feel manic. Here are some highlights:

1. Started the new job. Week 1 was fine. I didn't really do any work but I'm okay with that. There was a lot of admin to do. Not to mention, I can't seem to shake this jetlag.

2. I miss MFV. This is hard. If only it had been a regular week for him but it wasn't. Half his company got laid off (the other half) this week and he has since started applying for other jobs. He has been besieged with headhunters which is great for his self-esteem. However, one job is in San Francisco, one is in Seattle (settle down there Seattle!) and one is here in Toronto. Should he choose one of the other two, I will probably not get out of bed for several days. I'm trying not to think about the job here because hope is a demon in my world and the dream of a life together in this city is too big a dream to lose.

3. I have been looking at condos. I can't afford anything. This sucks monkey balls. The one I really want and can afford is in an unregistered building. I know nothing about buying unregistered property. The other one I want a little bit is not in my price range and will likely sell for significantly more than the list price. Of course, I really want it but I'm pretending that I don't.

4. I keep trying to convince myself to be happy but it's not working. Someone please hit me over the head with a heavy object.

5. I can't decide between a Blackberry Bold 9700 and 16GB iPhone. I really want an Android phone (Google OS) with a BB interface (QWERTY keyboard and track pad) and fun little iPhone apps. I know, I'm too picky.


Jill said...

Plunge in to the fun you can have here in Toronto! It's hard to get into the vibe here at times, but what the hell.

And don't buy an unregistered condo. Sounds like a problem waiting to happen!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, ElButt. It stands to reason you're out of sorts. Even though you've returned to the city you've lived in for so long, it's still a big transition. Huge.

...and, wouldn't it just be bizarrely fortuitous if your MFV should happen to get laid off and pushed into a head hunter situation that just happens to bring him to Toronto right on the heels of your arriving there in the first place? Hmmm?

If he wants to join you out there, he'll find a way to make it happen. He has skillz that are in demand, and Toronto is a big city that demands lots.

Keep fighting the good fight. Good things are on their way to you.

xyling said...

i hope u chose the iphone! i made a mistake and went for the blackberry...gah...