Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mmmm coffeeee

My thing right now is Starbucks' Christmas lattes. Specifically, the peppermint white mocha. Now normally, I am not a fan of flavoured anything. My usual is a decaf tall non-fat vanilla extra hot latte. I choose vanilla over sugar. It's marginally better for you. But I decided to try the pumpkin spice latte and wow was that ever yummy. So, when Christmas lattes came out, I decided to be a little less Scrooge and a little more adventurous. I gotta say, the gingerbread latte and the creme brulee latte are just gross. Gross, gross, GROSS! But the peppermint with chocolate and coffee and whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.... party in my mouth people! Merry holidays :)

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Awkward, for you said...

I don't mind the new Creme Brulee latte, but ya i don't get the popularity of the gingerbread latte. Some people wait all year for that stuff. It's so gross. It doesn't taste anything like gingerbread. A couple years ago they tested a Maple latte. It was so yummy! The honey latte is my all time favourite, but they didn't like how it tested. :( Oh Starbucks...i will always love thee