Friday, April 6, 2007

My tummy hurts but I yam okay with that today

It is April
It is snowing
It is 2.15 am as I start to write this
I yam swamped
I am tired
My tummy hurts
B is asleep on the couch
He is snoring
I would rather be asleep as well
Or at least pretending to sleep while he snores in my ear
I yam very sleep deprived
I am trying to fix my model that didn't work when I presented it in class on Monday
It is now worse
I have an entire paper to write before the 12th
I have an exam on Friday the 13th
I hope it will be my last exam ever
I don't know when I will get all of this work done
He leaves on the 12th
I am easily distracted by the shiny pretty thing on my hand
I got it yesterday
It came from a nice shiny store in Yorkville
In a blue box with a white ribbon
I like to look at it often
It is slightly too large for my finger
It is supposed to be "a taste of things to come"
And a gift to say thanks for making him so happy
I yam happy too
And not just because shiny pretty things make me happy
Now I know what all those crazy married people were talking about
It's true
You just know
I yam going to wake him up and tuck him into bed
I yam going to lie in bed next to him listening to snoring and wondering WTF is wrong with my goddammutherfukking model.

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